Polarized Argentinian media can benefit from new law

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Argentine court orders journalist Santiago O’Donnell to turn over interviews of former president’s brother

O’Donnell, who wrote a 2020 book based on interviews with Mariano Macri, the brother of former President Mauricio Macri, has faced a court order since early 2021 to surrender recordings of his interviews.

Clarín media group offices firebombed in Argentina

“The violent attack against Argentina’s Clarín Group is very troubling. It is essential that authorities send an unequivocal message that the media must be respected and protected,” said CPJ.

Argentinian radio journalist Luis Alberto Mancini assaulted after reporting on local corruption

Argentinian authorities must investigate the assault on journalist Luis Alberto Mancini, find out whether it was related to his journalistic work, and prosecute his assailants.