Preventing digital violence against women in Colombia, political prisoners released in Nicaragua and “apology of terrorism” criminalised in Peru

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Booby-trapped USB sticks sent to journalists in Ecuador

“Everything seems to suggest that this was a planned and coordinated attack with the aim of undermining the work of the national media and sowing fear in newsrooms in general. It ratchets up the climate of insecurity and self-censorship that is becoming part of the life of journalists in Ecuador.”

CPJ welcomes Biden executive order limiting use of commercial spyware

The global use of spyware has prompted what CPJ views as an existential crisis for journalism and the organization has been among those calling for moratoriums on its use. 

Chilean outlet “Resumen” targeted in burglary and failed arson attempt 

Early in the morning of March 20, unidentified people entered the outlet’s office in the southern city of Concepción where they stole cleaning and office supplies, opened envelopes and archives, and set a small fire that did not spread.