Prominence of Central Asian states on HRC is an opportunity for change

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“Perverted movements” in Turkey, “causing public nuisance” in the UK, and a presidential pardon in Belarus

May 2023 in Europe and Central Asia: A free expression round up produced by IFEX’s Regional Editor Cathal Sheerin, based on IFEX member reports and news from the region.

Hundreds of Belarusian people living in Krakow gathered during a Solidarity Rally against the Belarusian leader, Alexander Lukashenko.

Repression and resistance in Belarus: A monthly chronology

A monthly chronology of repression and resistance in Belarus, based on the work of IFEX members and other international and domestic actors.

Several journalists attacked amidst Serb protests in northern Kosovo

Tensions in the region have escalated after municipal elections – boycotted by the Serbian minority – brought to power ethnically Albanian mayors in three towns.