Reporter accuses Georgian authorities of trying to poison him during NATO meetings in Brussels

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Rights groups call on Georgia to release journalist Nika Gvaramia from prison

A well-known critic of Georgia’s ruling party, Gvaramia is currently serving a 3.5 year sentence for alleged abuse of office. His prosecution and conviction were widely seen as politically motivated.

Georgia: New draft law on ‘foreign agents’

Under the new draft law, any organisation receiving over 20% of its income from a “foreign power” will have to register on a “Foreign Influence Agents Registry” or face fines of up to € 8,900.

26 anti-LGBTQI+ protesters convicted over 2021 attack on journalists

On 5 July 2021, hundreds of anti-LGBTQI+ protesters attacked more than 50 journalists covering a pride march in Tbilisi. Twenty-five of those attackers were handed prison sentences on 4 April 2022; another was fined.