Reporter seeks asylum in US after receiving death threats

This article is more than 12 years old

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Mexican journalist Rubén Haro survives shooting attempt in Ciudad Obregón

“The attempted shooting of journalist Rubén Haro is outrageous and shocking, weeks after another Mexican journalist barely escaped with her life after a knife attack,” said Jan-Albert Hootsen, CPJ’s Mexico representative.

Mexican journalist Susana Carreño severely wounded in Puerto Vallarta knife attack

The shocking and brutal attack on Susana Carreño, less than a week after journalist Antonio de la Cruz and his daughter were killed in Tamaulipas, once again shows the Mexican authorities’ utter failure to protect the country’s press.

Mexican journalist Luis Enrique Ramírez found killed in Culiacán

In his most recent publications for ‘El Debate’, Ramírez covered state and local politics in Sinaloa and Culiacán, including Governor Rubén Rocha, the mayors of Culiacán and Mazatlán, as well as all major political parties in the state congress.