Reporting with bodyguards on the Paraguayan border

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Reporters demonstrate outside the Paraguayan Labor Ministry demanding higher salaries, greater job security and improved safety conditions on National Journalists' Day in Asunción, 26 April 2017, NORBERTO DUARTE/AFP via Getty Images

What do you know about freedom of expression in Paraguay?

On 5 May, Paraguay will be evaluated within the third cycle of the UPR. IFEX member in Paraguay SPP and the IFEX-ALC network have proposed recommendations regarding freedom of expression in the country. Hear what Santiago Ortiz, José María Costa, Dante Leguizamón, and Flavia Borja have to say about the progress to date, and the potential for change.

Who ordered the killing of Léo Veras?

Three months after the murder of journalist Léo Veras, the investigation has still not identified the person responsible for the crime.

Brazilian journalist Léo Veras shot and killed in Paraguay

Authorities in Brazil and Paraguay must work together to promptly and thoroughly investigate the killing of Brazilian journalist Lourenço “Léo” Veras and bring those responsible to justice.