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30 December 2010 |

BIANET 2010 third quarter media monitoring report

In the third quarter of 2010, six journalists were in jail because of their writings, the number of people tried under the Anti-Terror Law rose and Turkey was found guilty by the European Court of Human Rights of violating freedom of expression and the right to life in relation to the trial for the murder of journalist Hrant Dink.
23 December 2010 |

RSF releases report, "Burmese media combating censorship"

The international community must urge the authorities to show more tolerance and must support the media inside and outside the country, says RSF.
23 December 2010 |

Human Rights Watch releases report, "After the coup: Ongoing violence, intimidation and impunity in Honduras"

The authorities should take steps to end impunity for abuses committed after the 2009 coup and to curb ongoing attacks against journalists and activists, says the organisation.
22 December 2010 |

Veil bans shroud freedom of expression, says ARTICLE 19

In a report titled "Bans on the full face veil and human rights", ARTICLE 19 analyses laws banning the wearing of the veil from a freedom of expression perspective.
20 December 2010 |

HRNJ-Uganda 10-month index report - More than 50 journalists exposed to violence between January and October 2010

HRNJ-Uganda has launched a campaign to mitigate the deteriorating security situation for journalists in the lead up to, as well as during and after, upcoming general elections.
20 December 2010 |

Report shows progress in environmental information disclosure, but pollution data still withheld

"Environmental agencies may have been unwilling to release information on pollutant emissions for fear of affecting economic development or generating negative press, but such an approach is unsustainable," says ARTICLE 19.
20 December 2010 |

Pakistan deadliest nation for the media; 42 journalists killed worldwide in 2010

Iraq, Honduras and Mexico also ranked high for journalism-related fatalities.
14 December 2010 |

JED releases annual report revealing alarming plight of journalists

Over the course of 2010, JED registered 87 attacks on press freedom, including one assassination of a journalist and 44 arrests.
13 December 2010 |

NUSOJ marks Human Rights Day with report on the misery of the country's journalists

The nationwide survey reveals how the human rights of working journalists, particularly their labour rights, are grossly violated by every company and in every corner of the country.
9 December 2010 |

China, Iran propel journalist imprisonments to highest level in 14 years, according to CPJ report

Anti-state charges are the leading reason for jailings, CPJ said in its 2010 census of imprisoned journalists.
1 December 2010 |

IFJ releases report on collective action for press freedom in South Asia

The report makes the case for journalists' unions and organisations to operate in concert with wider civil society actors to pursue an effective mode of international networking.
26 November 2010 |

Research on access to information rights

MADA publishes a report on the right of access to information and the reality of its implementation and practice.
24 November 2010 |

Human Rights Watch report points to systematic crackdown before elections

Human Rights Watch is documenting systematic violations of the right to freedom of expression, assembly, and association - rights that are fundamental to free and fair elections.
23 November 2010 |

Restrictions on public expression increase following elections, Human Rights Watch report says

Journalists and civil society activists who express critical views are labelled political opponents and subjected to arrests and threats.
19 November 2010 |

Government rejects much-needed changes at first Human Rights Council Review

Human Rights Watch urges the government to implement UN-recommended reforms regarding rights violations, including those relating to freedom of expression.
18 November 2010 |

ARTICLE 19 Artist Alert - October 2010

The October Artist Alert features cases from China, Turkey, Singapore, Denmark and Malaysia, among others.
18 November 2010 |

CIHRS reveals first phase of election monitoring results

Throughout the months preceding the parliamentary election, the government resorted to a broad campaign to restrict public liberties, especially freedom of expression, CIHRS said.
17 November 2010 |

IFJ report: Blaming The Messenger - Media under pressure in Jammu and Kashmir

The report is based on a visit by IFJ staff to the region, undertaken as part of a fact-finding team involving other civil society organisations.
12 November 2010 |

IAPA releases reports on press freedom for each country in the Americas

IAPA members reviewed the press freedom situation country-by-country during the organisation's annual meeting.

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