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29 December 2011 |

IPI reviews 10 states with poor press freedom records, on whose strategic support the West depends

IPI reviews 10 states with poor press freedom records, on whose strategic support the West depends In "'Friends' of the West, enemies of press freedom", IPI highlights the press freedom situations in Turkey, Azerbaijan, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Hungary.
29 December 2011 |

NUSOJ annual review of crimes against journalists

According to NUSOJ research, four journalists were killed, seven wounded and 19 arrested in 2011.
29 December 2011 |

RSF annual overview: 10 most dangerous places for journalists

The Arab Spring and protests in other countries were responsible for a dramatic surge in the number of arrests, from 535 in 2010 to 1,044 in 2011.
22 December 2011 |

Brutal crackdown on media continues

Arrest, imprisonment and torture await journalists who dare to defy the regime, says IPI.
22 December 2011 |

Human Rights Watch documents pattern of sexual assaults on protesters

News reports have shown images of protesters in Cairo being stripped, beaten and dragged through the streets.
22 December 2011 |

Unrest and impunity drive journalist deaths in 2011, according to CPJ's year-end survey

Political conflict and unrest proved deadly for journalists in 2011, while governments failed to prosecute those who targeted reporters for their work.
20 December 2011 |

Human Rights Watch calls for dismantling of repressive Ben-Ali-era laws

The Constituent Assembly should urgently revise laws to ensure freedom of speech and the independence of the judiciary, Human Rights said in its report.
19 December 2011 |

ARTICLE 19 highlights historic opportunity for freedom of expression

The organisation believes that integrating robust protections for the rights to freedom of expression and information is essential to guaranteeing democracy and protecting all human rights in the region.
16 December 2011 |

Real legal reform needs free expression and public participation, says SEAPA

Rather than safeguarding the right to assemble, the Peaceful Assembly Act will greatly diminish people's ability to express their political opinions.
15 December 2011 |

Crackdown on human rights defenders: seeds of repression planted in year of revolution

In new report, CIHRS hails the courageous work of human rights defenders in the region who were locomotives for change in 2011.
15 December 2011 |

ANEM's October 2011 media monitoring report

The free expression section of the report presents cases of physical attacks on journalists, threats and requests for disclosure of sources of information, and other violations.
15 December 2011 |

Violations of media freedoms in November 2011

November has seen no improvement for Palestinian journalists or media freedoms in the occupied Palestinian territories, reminding those in the field of journalism of the high price paid for disseminating the truth.
15 December 2011 |

'Shoot to kill' commanders named in Human Rights Watch report

Statements by former soldiers leave no doubt that the Syrian security forces committed widespread and systematic abuses, including killings, arbitrary detention, and torture, as part of a state policy targeting the civilian population.
13 December 2011 |

Human Rights Watch report provides evidence of wide-scale rights abuses

Torture is a chronic problem, rights activists are languishing in prison and the government has disbarred some of the country's most outspoken lawyers, says the organisation.
8 December 2011 |

Number of journalists in prison reaches 15-year high

Iran, Eritrea and China are among the leading jailers, according to CPJ's annual census; nearly half of those held were online journalists, while about 45 percent of the imprisoned were freelancers.
8 December 2011 |

Launch of new book on regulating access to environmental information

The book examines the legal framework for accessing environmental information and juxtaposes the Chinese model with international standards and best practices from around the world.
6 December 2011 |

Media in the eye of the storm as revolutions sweep the Arab world

In its report, RSF examines the methods used by the authorities to strangle the flow of information during popular uprisings in six countries - Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Syria and Yemen.
5 December 2011 |

IFEX-TMG UPR Submission to 13th Session

IFEX-TMG Contribution on Tunisia to the Universal Periodic Review Mechanism, 13th Session (21st May - 1st June 2012).
5 December 2011 |

BIANET releases second quarter media monitoring report

BIANET outlines the press freedom violations that took place from April to July 2011.
30 November 2011 |

ARTICLE 19 outlines six reasons why defamation reform fails to protect free expression

While a reform of the country's defamation legislation was necessary, the organisation says the new amendments will not improve the right to freedom of expression or media freedom.

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