RSF files case against Eritrean officials over journalist Dawit Isaak

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Paris-based radio station is still the only source of independent news for Eritreans for the last decade

In a country that has no independent media and a handful of media outlets, Radio Erena which has been broadcasting from Paris for 10 years is considered the only independent and apolitical news source that Eritreans have access to.

Dawit Isaak,

Dawit Isaak and the failure of silent diplomacy: In conversation with Björn Tunbäck

Björn Tunbäck of Reporters Without Borders (Sweden) and Swedish PEN has been involved in the campaign for journalist Dawit Isak’s release from the start. He told Cathal Sheerin about the campaign in Sweden and what states and intergovernmental organisations could be doing, but aren’t.

Constructed copy of Dawit Isaak's presumed Eritrean prison cell, Gothenburg, Sweden, 2015, A.J. Andersson/Wikimedia Commons

Eritrean government being asked for proof of life of detained journalists

As Eritrea undergoes Universal Periodic Review with UN Security Council, the government is being asked to proof of life of the journalists who have been detained over the years.