Russia: Authorities step up pressure on media with new “foreign agent” designations

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Russian journalist detained, charged with inciting mass disturbances in Telegram chats

Authorities charged Igor Kuznetsov with inciting people to commit mass disturbances in group chats on Telegram during the September parliamentary elections. If convicted, he could face a hefty prison sentence.

Russia: ARTICLE 19 calls on Google and Apple to fight election-related censorship

After authorities order Apple and Google to remove the ‘Navalny’ mobile app from their online stores in Russia, ARTICLE 19 urges the tech giants to challenge blocking and removal orders.

Unregulated use of facial recognition technology continues to spread across Russia

Facial recognition has a wide range of uses in Moscow, from monitoring public transportation payments to traffic monitoring and a school pass system. More than 5,000 cameras with facial recognition software already operate in other regions of Russia.