Russia has committed 428 crimes against the media in Ukraine

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Russia: Journalist Isabella Yevloyeva faces 3rd criminal case for ‘fake’ reporting about the army

The charges against Yevloyeva stem from a June post on her news website’s Telegram channel, which allegedly contained false information about the Russian armed forces. Yevloyeva, who is currently located outside Russia, was put on the country’s wanted list.

Press freedom in Russia on the tenth anniversary of the ‘foreign agent’ law

“Long abused by the government, the 2012 law was instrumental in causing self-censorship and a mass exodus of domestic and international outlets from Russia, as well as forcing the remaining independent media organizations underground” – IPI

Fake video calls to European mayors aim to harm Ukrainian refugees

In video calls, a fake ‘Mayor Klitschko’ spoke with the mayors of Berlin, Vienna, Warsaw, and other cities, discussed details about Russia’s war in Ukraine – and called for people fleeing the war to be returned to Ukraine. Notorious Russian prank callers have claimed responsibility.