Russia: Journalist Isabella Yevloyeva faces 3rd criminal case for ‘fake’ reporting about the army

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Ukraine: Russian forces kidnap three Kherson bloggers and force them to ‘apologise’ on video

One of those abducted is Olena Naumova, a Kherson kindergarten teacher and TikTok blogger who had been kidnapped by the Russian military on 23 August and released on 6 September. Her son says she disappeared again on 19 September.

Rights groups call for a Special Rapporteur mandate on the human rights situation in Russia

A dedicated Special Rapporteur mandate would independently collect information and analyse the human rights situation in Russia, allowing Human Rights Council Members to be informed by in-depth and authoritative reports and to make recommendations on how to improve the rapidly deteriorating human rights situation in the country.”

Russian state media regulator to fine or block ‘false’ reports on military call-up

According to the state media regulator’s statement, media organizations must use “information and data obtained exclusively from federal and regional executive bodies when preparing and publishing materials related to mobilization activities in the Russian Federation.”