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1 August 2012 |

Journalist cleared after three months in prison

Habarugira Epaphrodite was charged with "spreading genocide ideology" after he mixed up the Kinyarwanda words for “victims” and “survivors,” making it sound as though he approved of the genocide.
19 July 2012 |

Police arrest political reporter in Kigali

Police in Kigali are holding Idriss Gasana Byiringiro whose employer had earlier filed a complaint alleging that security agents had seized and interrogated him.
5 June 2012 |

IFJ condemns journalist's suspension

Désiré Kyakwima is accused of having asked a question that "affected the diplomatic climate between Rwanda and DRC."
14 May 2012 |

Radio presenter held pending trial

"We condemn Habarugira Epaphrodite’s placement in pre-trial detention for something he said on the air," RSF said.
11 April 2012 |

President should pardon journalists, says ARTICLE 19

ARTICLE 19 urged the government to urgently revise its legislation, in particular the provisions on criminal defamation and incitement to genocide denial.
5 January 2012 |

Proposed media law fails to safeguard free press

ARTICLE 19 welcomes several improvements in the draft, but calls on the government to bring the law into full compliance with international legal standards on the right to freedom of expression.
16 November 2011 |

Three journalists arrested in the span of a week

Joseph Bideri was arrested following the publication of a series of articles in his newspaper regarding a case of embezzlement in the construction of the Rukarara hydro-electric dam.
1 November 2011 |

Supreme Court urged to overturn journalists' convictions

On the eve of an appeal by journalists Agnès Uwimana Nkusi and Saïdati Mukabibi, ARTICLE 19 has submitted an amicus brief to the court elaborating upon international human rights law on freedom of expression and the media.
26 September 2011 |

Rugambage murder trial verdict raises more questions than it answers, says RSF

Just before his death, the journalist published an article blaming the Rwandan authorities for the attempted murder of exiled army general Kayumba Nyamwasa on 19 June 2010 in Johannesburg.
31 August 2011 |

Newspaper receives threats, suspends publication

Fidèle Gakire, the publisher of "Ishema", decided to suspend publication for one month as a result of the serious threats he has reportedly been receiving.
23 August 2011 |

Two leading members of human rights group arrested, interrogated

The Regional Human Rights League in the Great Lakes Region is one of the few remaining independent human rights organisations in Rwanda - a country where reporting on human rights abuses invariably results in hostile reactions by the government.
15 June 2011 |

Glimmer of hope as Cabinet approves Access to Information Bill

The bill seeks to entrench the practice of transparency and accountability in public service delivery.
7 June 2011 |

Exiled journalist gets 30-month prison sentence

Jean Bosco Gasasira risks arrest if he returns to his country.
4 May 2011 |

Prosecutors seek 10-year sentence for exiled newspaper editor

Jean Bosco Gasasira is charged with "spreading rumours that incited civil disobedience", "insulting the president" and "deliberately violating the country's media law".
25 February 2011 |

ARTICLE 19 welcomes revised Access to Information Bill

The bill sets out progressive standards on access to information, including a strong public interest test and short time frames for government bodies to respond to requests for information.
14 February 2011 |

Prison term for opposition leader

Bernard Ntaganda was sentenced to four years in jail on charges of endangering national security, "divisionism" and attempting to organise demonstrations without authorisation.
7 February 2011 |

Seventeen years in jail for one woman journalist, seven years for another

Agnes Uwimana Nkusi and Saidath Mukakibibi are charged with inciting civil disobedience, causing divisions and denying the 1994 genocide.
12 January 2011 |

CPJ opposes demands for prison terms for journalists

The prosecutor has called for long prison terms for editors Agnès Uwimana and Saidati Mukakibibi on charges related to the publication of opinion pieces in the weekly "Umurabyo".
21 December 2010 |

Presidential adviser should retract accusation against editor

Presidential security adviser Richard Rutatina accused editor Nelson Gatsimbazi of working with "enemies of the state" during a forum on human rights.
18 October 2010 |

Opposition party leaders targeted

The political parties of detainees Victoire Ingabire and Bernard Ntaganda have been critical of the government and were not allowed to run in recent presidential elections.

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