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4 July 2012 |

ANEM releases May 2012 monitoring report

The authors note a pattern of threats against journalists and provide an analysis of the broadcasting laws.
30 March 2012 |

ANEM condemns administrative harassment of radio station in Zajecar

The editor of a radio station who is running for local office says his opponents have bullied the station's employees and shut down its radio signal; caught in the middle is the public's right to information.
13 March 2012 |

IPI observes increasing pressure on local journalists

The alleged incidents represent only a fraction of the pressures on reporters, SEEMO said, as many reporters do not report what they must go through on a daily basis.
23 February 2012 |

ANEM condemns attack on Studio B television crew

Charges were laid against the individual who verbally attacked a Studio B crew and struck an assistant cameraman in the head and stomach.
16 December 2011 |

ANEM concerned about proposed Cinematography Act

The change in the funding structure under the new act is aimed at helping the movie industry but instead risks killing off independent media outlets and may ultimately lead to a media blackout, says the organisation.
18 October 2011 |

Radio-Television Prima's studio vandalised

ANEM condemns economic pressure and open threats against media outlets in the run-up to local and parliamentary elections.
18 October 2011 |

IPI condemns renewed pressure on journalists

A local politician allegedly threatened Vojkan Ristic for publishing a story linking the former's political party to a major corruption scandal.
4 October 2011 |

IPI condemns continuing political pressure on Hungarian minority media

According to IPI, the National Council of the Hungarian Ethnic Minority, created to protect the interests of the biggest national minority in Vojvodina, appears to represent the interests of one political party.
30 September 2011 |

IPI condemns physical attack on TV Tutin crew

A two-member TV crew was filming the construction of a local cultural center when four individuals approached and started beating them.
16 September 2011 |

Media associations' statement on Draft Media Strategy

While the groups welcomed certain provisions in the document, they stressed that the section on regional public service broadcasters remains problematic.
25 July 2011 |

IPI welcomes planned decriminalisation of defamation and libel

Justice Ministry State Secretary Slobodan Homen announced that defamation and libel will be removed from the criminal code in autumn 2011.
18 July 2011 |

ANEM opposes cable operators' limits on local media content

ANEM considers it unacceptable for cable operators to limit the right to enjoy a wide range of media content, especially as regards the right to be informed via local media.
12 May 2011 |

ANEM calls sentences for attackers of B92 camera operator "too light"

Bosko Brankovic was assaulted and seriously injured while reporting on a rally protesting the arrest of Radovan Karadzic in 2008.
26 April 2011 |

IPI condemns attack on journalist with Hungarian-language daily

Csaba Szögi was beaten by individuals who waited for him in front of public restrooms in Beèej, a town in the multiethnic Vojvodina province.
6 April 2011 |

Public official threatens to file lawsuit against Novi Sad-based radio station

Branko Bjelajac, director of a water utility company, is angered over comments posted on the Radio 021 website.
1 April 2011 |

Journalist found guilty of defaming former minister

A Cacak court handed down a sentence against Radio Ozon director Stojan Markovic for satirical comments made against former minister Velimir Ilic.
17 February 2011 |

ANEM condemns campaign of intimidation against local television station

"Death notices" and posters attacking the RTV B92 television station have been appearing in the town of Lazarevac.
22 October 2010 |

Police protection provided for TV B92 journalist after threats

A suspended police officer has threatened journalists Sonja Kamenkovic and Ivan Popovic on several occasions.
7 October 2010 |

"Blic" newspaper correspondent physically assaulted

Gvozden Zdravic was photographing the courthouse in Aleksandrovac when the mayor's driver ran out of the courthouse and punched him several times in the head.
11 August 2010 |

IPI alarmed at limitation on freedom of information imposed by mayor of Zajecar

Mayor Bosko Nicic decided to prevent all directors of companies and public institutions in the city from making statements to the media without his prior consent.

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