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Journalists missing and feared dead; other journalists reportedly alive and still in danger

(CPJ/IFEX) - Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebels are still engaged in
combat and the targeting of civilians in the east end of Freetown, and a
number of journalists remain in grave danger. Because of CPJ's concern for
the safety of our Sierra Leonean journalist colleagues, and the continued
security crisis in Freetown and Sierra Leone as a whole, we cannot disclose
the location of the following journalists:

**New cases and update to IFEX alerts of 22 January, 20 January, 12 January
and 6 January 1999, 10 December and 9 December 1998**

James Ogogo, editorial consultant for the independent newspaper "Concord
Times," was abducted in Freetown by RUF rebels, and is currently missing and
feared dead.

Sylvester Rogers, a correspondent with the British Broadcasting Corporation
(BBC), who was last reported to be in the custody of government authorities
in Makeni in December 1998, is missing and feared dead.

Kingsley Lington, publisher and proprietor of "Concord Times," is reportedly

Winston Ojukutu Macauley, Freetown correspondent for the BBC, is alive and
has resumed broadcasting with the BBC.

Paul Kamara, editor and publisher of "For di People," is reportedly alive.

Salieu Kamara, acting editor of "For di People," is reportedly alive.

"Macaroni", a reporter with "For di People", is reportedly alive.

Richard Olu Gordon, a columnist with "For di People," is reportedly alive.

Frank Kposowa, president of the Sierra Leone Journalists Association (SLAJ),
is reportedly alive.

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