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Nigerian journalist killed in Sierra Leone

(IFEX's partner in Nigeria/IFEX) - A Nigerian journalist, James Ogogo,
has been killed in Sierra Leone.

**Updates IFEX alerts of 29 January, 28 January and 22 January 1999**

Ogogo's murder has come barely nine years after two Nigerian
journalists, Tayo Awotunsin and Krees Imodibie, were murdered by rebel
fighters in Liberia.

The Nigeria Union of Journalist (NUJ) has already condemned the killing.
In a statement issued by its Lagos state council, the union said "it is
an international crime to kill journalists and other civilians who may
be on duty in war situations, it is therefore our hope that the
perpetrators of this dastardly act would be apprehended and tried

The council enjoined the government whose troops are in Sierra Leone to
help recover Ogogo's body so that he could be given a decent burial by
his family and colleagues.

For reasons of safety, IFEX's partner in Nigeria is anonymous. Please
contact the IFEX Clearing House for further information.

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