Six journalists beaten by policemen

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Lebanon: Independent media and judiciary vital in the path towards justice

Amidst the ongoing pursuit for accountability for the 2020 Beirut Port explosion, rights groups stress the need for an independent judiciary and an independent media delivering accurate information on judicial proceedings.

A man takes a video on his mobile phone as thousands of protesters rally beneath a sign of a large fist and the Arabic word for "Revolution", in Beirut, Lebanon, 3 November 2019, Scott Peterson/Getty Images

Lebanon in times of change: A look at the media’s role since the October revolution

A new study from Maharat Foundation examines media trends in Lebanon in the year following the October 2019 revolution, including the growing role of alternative media, influencers, and online free expression in shaping public discourse and holding authorities accountable.

People take part in a protest against a "campaign of repression" targeting those who post information on social networks and in support of freedom of expression, in Rabat, Morocco, 9 January 2020, FADEL SENNA/AFP via Getty Images

Mapping digital rights in MENA: towards a safer online environment

New research from IFEX member 7amleh examines how digital rights policies and practices in Lebanon, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia are impacting freedom of expression and the right to information, and highlights the need to improve people’s access to a safer online environment.