Social media companies are failing local communities on content moderation

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Attack on Salman Rushdie is an attack on freedom of expression

“For decades, the enemies of free expression targeted Salman for his words, driving him into years of hiding. The fatwa, issued against him in 1989 by Iran’s former Supreme Leader Ruhollah Khomeini, has caused Salman and those associated with him an immeasurable amount of suffering – but it could not succeed in silencing him” – ARTICLE 19

Online platforms should stop partnering with government agencies to remove content

“When sites cooperate with government agencies, it leaves the platform inherently biased in favour of the government’s favoured positions. It gives government entities outsized influence to manipulate content moderation systems for their own political goals – to control public dialogue, suppress dissent, silence political opponents, or blunt social movements” – EFF

UN: Submission to Special Rapporteur on free expression and armed conflicts

“It is precisely during times of conflict that freedom of expression and a free flow of information should be vigorously defended. Respect for freedom of expression is a crucial element in any long-term policy to promote peace and bring an end to the conflict as well as protect lives in conflict situations.”