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5 June 2012 |

FXI concerned over Film and Publications Board's classification of artwork

The Board classified Brett Murray’s artwork 16N, making it illegal to allow anyone under 16 to see it on grounds of nudity.
5 June 2012 |

South Africans clash on Twitter over #Zumaspear

A satirical painting of President Zuma provoked a firestorm of controversy echoed on Twitter with intense debate between proponents of free speech and those of the rights to privacy and honour.
29 May 2012 |

"City Press" newspaper drops controversial image of president from website

"I don't want any more newspapers burnt in anger," editor says.
23 May 2012 |

FXI supports gallery's refusal to remove Zuma picture

FXI supports gallery's refusal to remove Zuma picture See for yourself the painting that sparked a national debate on artistic expression in South Africa and prompted vandals to deface it to "prevent civil war." Plus, read what IFEX member in South Africa Free Expression Institute (FXI) had to say (English only).
20 December 2011 |

Criminal probe targets AP, Reuters cameras on Mandela

Invoking the National Key Points Act, authorities described the presence of cameras outside the home of Nelson Mandela as a breach of his privacy and the law.
24 November 2011 |

Parliament passes controversial Protection of State Information Bill

The bill as passed is in need of serious revision and, if implemented, will curtail freedom of expression and the right to access information, says Human Rights Watch.
22 November 2011 |

Zuma spokesman files complaint against weekly

"Mail & Guardian" journalists Sam Sole and Stefaans Brümmer are investigating the president's alleged role in a US$5 billion international arms deal that became embroiled in scandal.
21 September 2011 |

Ruling ANC pulls secrecy bill

Critics of the Protection of Information Bill note that its repressive clauses criminalise investigative journalism and allow officials to classify any information in the name of "national interest".
1 September 2011 |

Journalists attacked during ANC protest

Supporters of ANC youth leader Julius Malema hurled bottles, stones, and bricks at police and reporters.
22 June 2011 |

Concerns mount about parliament's rush to pass Protection of Information Bill

Former intelligence minister Ronnie Kasrils noted that the bill "will undermine public trust in the intelligence and security services at a time when confidence needs to be built".
17 June 2011 |

Journalists' organisation condemns government's plan to bribe newspapers

According to a press release issued by SANEF, the Cabinet approved a plan that would involve bribing newspapers into publishing only the government's view of news and affairs.
26 July 2010 |

IPI concerned that information bill may impede flow of news

IPI says the bill, which was designed to regulate classification procedures and sets out penalties for disclosing secret information, and may "open itself to abuse."
13 April 2010 |

BBC journalist expelled from South Africa press conference

African National Congress (ANC) Youth League leader Julius Malema referred to journalist Jonah Fisher as a "bastard" after the reporter interrupted him.
23 March 2010 |

IPI supports "The Citizen" newspaper in constitutional challenge

"The National Unity and Reconciliation Act should not be used to justify censorship," said IPI.
26 January 2010 |

Prosecutors banned from speaking to media

The National Prosecuting Authority, which issued the ban, has come under close scrutiny over a high-profile case relating to the wife of the state security minister.
21 January 2010 |

eNews journalists subpoenaed after story on criminals' World Cup plans

The ANC has demanded that help police arrest two criminals who threatened to rob World Cup tourists during interviews broadcast by the station on 15 January 2010.
29 October 2009 |

New bill threatens media freedom, says MISA

Media practitioners are raising concerns over the new Protection of Harassment Bill, describing it as a form of censorship.
16 October 2009 |

Unlit petrol bomb thrown into editor's home

A note was also discovered, saying "You have been warned. Now you must bear the consequences. Just so you know, this is only the beginning."
1 October 2009 |

SABC's investigative unit subjected to office raids, questioning, while corporation continues to probe show leak

The staff of the SABC investigative unit is being subjected to office raids and asked to take lie detector tests.
9 September 2009 |

Amendment Act a "grave intrusion" on freedom of expression, says FXI

FXI is deeply disappointed by the signing into law of the Films and Publications Amendment Act 3 of 2009.

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