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6 June 2016 |

Venezuela should revoke emergency decree

Venezuela should revoke emergency decree The international community should press Venezuela to revoke the recent “State of Exception and Emergency Decree” that granted the government powers to restrict rights, suspend international cooperation for civil society groups and limit the constitutional powers of the National Assembly.
2 March 2016 |

Claudia Julieta Duque: A landmark case

Claudia Julieta Duque: A landmark case A trial has started in Colombia which has no precedent anywhere in the world. Journalist Claudia Julieta Duque will testify in the trial against three members of the now-disbanded Administrative Department of Security (DAS), who are accused of having tortured her psychologically.
26 October 2015 |

Venezuela unfit for a new Human Rights Council term

Venezuela unfit for a new Human Rights Council term Venezuela's human rights record, including as a member of the Human Rights Council, should preclude it from serving another term on the council, according to 34 international and Latin American human rights groups.
15 September 2015 |

Groups condemn Ecuadorian authorities' plan to close local organization Fundamedios

Groups condemn Ecuadorian authorities' plan to close local organization Fundamedios For members of the IFEX-ALC, the Secom decision to shut down Fundamedios will affect the free expression landscape in Ecuador and threatens the right of society to be informed. Fundamedios is the only organisation that monitors attacks and threats on the media and defends the right to freedom of expression in Ecuador.
10 February 2015 |

Groups hope Uruguay's media law will become model in Latin America

Groups hope Uruguay's media law will become model in Latin America The adoption of the Law of Audiovisual Communication Services promotes democratisation of the media and the effective exercise of freedom of expression in Uruguay.
4 October 2013 |

IFEX members call on Brazil's President to protect Internet rights

IFEX members call on Brazil's President to protect Internet rights IFEX members call on Brazil's Congress to promptly pass the Marco Civil bill and on President Roussef to ensure its due implementation, as a measure to protect the right of Brazilians to an Internet that is free and open to all.
31 July 2013 |

Groups call for review of Ecuador's restrictive communications law

Groups call for review of Ecuador's restrictive communications law Over 30 IFEX members write to President Rafael Correa, calling on him to submit the recently-approved Ecuadorian Communications Law to the Inter-American Court of Human Rights for a Consultative Opinion.
22 May 2012 |

Seventeen states request respect for freedom of expression

Seventeen states from the Americas, Europe and Asia suggested that the Ecuadorian government should respect and guarantee the freedoms of the press and of expression in the country.
19 March 2012 |

IFEX-ALC acknowledges Ecuadoran president's decision

IFEX-ALC values the pardon granted by President Rafael Correa, exempting three directors of the daily "El Universo" and a former feature writer from a sentence of three years in prison and a US$40 million fine, and refraining from pursuing further judicial action against the authors of the book "El Gran Hermano".
8 March 2012 |

Freedom of expression continues to decline following government's rejection of UN recommendations

IFEX-ALC calls for and invites the government to accept its responsibilities with respect to freedom of expression by accepting the UPR recommendations, and to comply with all international freedom of expression standards.
29 February 2012 |

Fundamedios welcomes "El Universo" pardon, but calls for continued monitoring of government's actions

"We prompt the international community to remain alert of any attempt to take down or weaken a scheme for the protection of rights," said the organisation.
23 February 2012 |

Fundamedios condemns brutal blow against fundamental freedoms

Fundamedios believes that the sentence against "El Universo" will have calamitous consequences, not just for the exercise of the freedom of expression, but also for the effectiveness of democracy in Ecuador.
17 February 2012 |

IFEX-ALC concerned over recent developments that undermine and jeopardise fundamental freedoms

The first incident involves the onerous, disproportionate and unjustified sentence handed down against journalists Juan Carlos Calderón and Christian Zurita, writers of the book "El Gran Hermano" (Big Brother), which highlights lucrative government contracts obtained by President Rafael Correa's brother.
24 January 2012 |

WAN-IFRA denounces government's authoritarian turn

The WAN-IFRA report reveals that the Ecuadorean government is "establishing a strict control over all arenas of public debate, while couching this in a debate centred around media plurality".
13 December 2011 |

Media Social Responsibility Law violates freedom of expression, says ARTICLE 19

On the one-year anniversary of the amendments to the law, ARTICLE 19's analysis concludes that the law places illegitimate restrictions on freedom of expression and information.
6 December 2011 |

IAPA submits two cases of unpunished murders of journalists to IACHR

Julio Chaparro and Jorge Torres were killed on April 24, 1991 in Segovia, where they had been sent by their newspaper, El Espectador of Bogotá, to cover the consequences of a massacre there two years earlier, in which 43 people died.
23 November 2011 |

IFEX gravely concerned for safety of Fundamedios and others who attended IACHR hearing

IFEX is appealing to authorities to address the recent threats against IFEX member Fundamedios and its director, and the attempts by government supporters and state officials to discredit the organisation.
17 November 2011 |

WPFC-FH submits amicus brief before Constitutional Court in support of decriminalisation of defamation sanctions

The brief is based on broad international jurisprudence - especially that of the inter-American justice system - that holds that defamation sanctions must be dealt with by civil, not criminal, courts.
17 November 2011 |

Human Rights Watch calls for decriminalisation of defamation

Human Rights Watch submitted a joint amicus brief with the Center for Freedom of Expression and Information of the University of Palermo (Argentina) before the Constitutional Court of Ecuador, arguing that desacato norms violate Ecuador's international human rights obligations.
7 November 2011 |

President dedicates Chapultepec Declaration signing to murdered Colombian journalists

At the same time, President Juan Manuel Santos unveiled his plan to increase broadband internet access.

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