States urged to uphold human rights when using digital surveillance to curb COVID-19

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An online SOS: How social media companies can provide real-time support for targets of online abuse

PEN America is publishing a series of pieces about the harm online abuse poses to free speech – but also what Facebook, Twitter, and other social media companies can do to blunt its worst effects.

The other 20-year anniversary: Freedom and surveillance post-9/11

The twentieth anniversary of the attacks of September 11, 2001 are a good time to reflect on the world we’ve built since then. By now it is clear that far too many things that were put into place in the immediate aftermath of the attacks, especially in the areas of surveillance and government secrecy, are deeply problematic for our democracy, privacy and fairness. It’s time to set things right.

Apple must abandon its surveillance plans

While it’s welcome news that Apple is now listening to the concerns raised by rights defenders about the dangers posed by its phone scanning tools, the company must go further than just listening, and drop its plans to put a backdoor into its encryption entirely.