Swiss say yes to surveillance
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Link to: Surveillance companies react to heightened scrutiny in Switzerland, withdraw export applications

Facing intense scrutiny from a Swiss government inquiry into the human rights impact of the commercial surveillance trade, companies have packed up and are no longer attempting to export their spying technology from Switzerland.

Link to: Swiss court orders journalist to testify against source

A Swiss court has ordered a journalist to testify against his source in a drug dealer case that was published on the Swiss German-language daily, Basler Zeitung in October 2012. According to Article 28a of the Swiss Penal Code, journalists and media organisations have the right to protect their sources.

Link to: Swiss court rules search of journalist’s home “illegal”

A swiss court has ruled the police search and seizure of journalist Ludovic Rocchi’s computer equipment and notebooks illegal. Rocchi has been instrumental in exposing bad practice and suspected plagiarism at the University of Neuchâtel, and currently faces charges of defamation and slander.