Systematic targeting of rights advocates and online activists continues in Oman

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In 2011, a peaceful movement began in the Governorate of Sohar calling for comprehensive political, economic and social reforms; in this photo, anti-government protesters in Seeb, Oman, 7 March 2011, on the ninth consecutive day of protests. ROBIN UTRECHT/AFP via Getty Images

Oman: Authorities suppress peaceful protests and restrict reporting

Security forces forcibly disperse protests and detain demonstrators protesting economic conditions in the country, as authorities restrict media reporting on the event.

Suppression in Oman: Internet activists face censorship and arrests

With more online activists finding themselves detained for their tweets, the Gulf Centre for Human Rights calls on authorities to end their systematic campaign aimed at denying freedom of expression.

Blocked voices: The COVID-19 outbreak mobilizes demands to unblock Voice Over IP in the Gulf

With the need to communicate and access information during the COVID-19 pandemic, rights organizations call on governments in the Gulf region to lift their ban on Voice Over IP platforms that facilitate voice and video internet calls.