Tajikistan: Independent journalist Khayrullo Mirsaidov detained for corruption report

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COVID-19: New Tajik legislation will heavily penalise anyone sharing inaccurate information

Under amendments to the Administrative Code, anyone providing “false” or “inaccurate” information about COVID-19 in the media or on social media could be fined up to 1,160 somoni (995 euros) – nearly twice the minimum monthly wage.

COVID-19: The challenges for imprisoned journalists observing Ramadan

In many countries, prisoners rely on their families for food and medicine while behind bars. But this year, as families have been barred from visiting their loved ones due to COVID-19, jailed Muslim journalists have to cope with fasting on even fewer resources than before.

Tajik activist brutally attacked in Lithuania

Ilhomjon Yakubov is the former head of the opposition Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan and is living in exile in Lithuania. The assault is the latest in a long line of what appear to be politically-motivated attacks on critics of the Tajikistan government.