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14 December 2010 |

Reuters reports government finds military involved in journalist death

Investigators now believe that troops may have been responsible for the shooting death of Reuters cameraman Hiro Muramoto.
24 September 2010 |

Webmaster of independent news site arrested on charges of violating computer law

Chiranuch Premchaiporn had just arrived from Budapest, Hungary where she had attended "Internet Liberty 2010", a conference on free expression online.
24 September 2010 |

Authorities still using emergency powers to suppress free expression and other rights, says Human Rights Watch

Five months after violent clashes between anti-government groups and state security authorities, the government has not put forward any justification for suspending certain human rights protections.
15 September 2010 |

Authorities prevent launch of Vietnam human rights report in Bangkok

The authorities decided not to allow representatives of the Vietnam Committee on Human Rights to enter the country.
1 September 2010 |

Grenade explodes in front of government's TV station

The grenade hit a tree before exploding, damaging six parked cars nearby.
21 July 2010 |

Self-regulatory body censors TV ad on political conflict

The Thai Television Station Joint Censorship Committee recently banned a TV ad that featured the violent events in Bangkok in May saying that the commercial might spark another round of conflict, media reports said.
19 July 2010 |

Government shuts down 26 community radio stations

In Ubon Ratchathani, some 200 officials showed up to shut down a community radio station, while in Chiang Mai up to 500 officials were deployed to close down another station.
12 July 2010 |

Independent news website to close down message board due to restrictive online environment

The website's executive director said they will close down the message board because the media and posters could be accused of threatening national security.
6 July 2010 |

Royal pardon for Internet user serving 10-year sentence for lèse majesté

Suvicha Thakhor was serving a 10-year jail sentence on a lèse majesté charge for allegedly using software to modify photos of the royal family before posting them online.
18 June 2010 |

Government creates agency to pursue lese majeste violators online

Agence France-Presse quoted the government as saying that the Bureau of Prevention and Eradication of Computer Crime was established to protect the royal family.
8 June 2010 |

Government extends state of emergency

Free speech advocates insist that government should use existing laws to go after "dangerous" speech, rather than using the emergency decree to arbitrarily close down media outlets.
19 May 2010 |

Journalist killed, TV station torched, reporters threatened as Thai government moves against Red Shirts

Photojournalist Fabio Polenghi of the Italian news agency ANSA was shot in the chest and four other media workers were injured as they covered the military operations.
17 May 2010 |

Safety issues raised as casualties among journalists covering Bangkok clashes increase

In the latest incident, a PTV cameraman's life was saved by the bulletproof vest he was wearing while lying on the ground near the Lumpini Tower.
17 May 2010 |

Fourth journalist wounded while covering clashes between Thai soldiers and anti-government protesters

Veteran photojournalist Chaiwat Poompuang was shot in the leg as he was covering the fighting at the Din Daeng intersection.
14 May 2010 |

Three journalists injured in Bangkok clashes

IPI asked soldiers and protestors to respect the independence of the media and to ensure that they do not become targets for violence in the current volatile environment.
13 May 2010 |

US citizen interrogated by Thai officials for his online activities

Anthony Chai, an American citizen, was interrogated by Thai officials in Thailand and again later in the US for allegedly insulting the monarchy in 2006.
4 May 2010 |

Media groups slam Red Shirts for intimidating journalists

UDD leader Jatiporn Promphan challenged and threatened a journalist at a 29 April press conference.
30 April 2010 |

Thai authorities train sights on Facebook

The Facebook page of online news site has been shut down and two other websites blocked following clashes between security forces and protesters.
29 April 2010 |

Media threatened from all sides of unfolding crisis

News organisations are working to provide independent news and commentary, while struggling to reduce tendencies toward self-censorship.
26 April 2010 |

Media beset by violence and state of emergency

"The violence and the state of emergency are exposing Thai and foreign journalists to a level of threats that is without precedent since the return to democracy," says RSF.

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