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13 April 2010 |

Japan urges investigation of cameraman's death; PTV broadcasts restored

Both soldiers and protestors were armed and had opened fire, and as a result it is unclear who fired the fatal shot that killed Reuters cameraman Hiro Muramoto.
12 April 2010 |

Reuters journalist killed, freelance photographer hurt in clashes between security forces and anti-government protesters

Reuters said its TV cameraman, Hiro Muramoto, died from a bullet wound in the chest.
9 April 2010 |

Government blocks satellite TV channel, online news site following declaration of state of emergency

Bangkok and several outlying provinces have been placed under a state of emergency to better control the situation in the capital.
8 April 2010 |

Webmaster charged for violating Computer-Related Crimes Act

The director of is facing a criminal lawsuit for allegedly failing to remove from the site's discussion board readers' comments deemed offensive to the monarchy.
6 April 2010 |

Newspaper employee's car set ablaze in Bangkok

This incident is the latest in a string of attacks against media outlets.
1 April 2010 |

Online censorship amid mounting political tension

More than 50,000 websites and web pages are currently blocked in Thailand.
30 March 2010 |

Grenade blasts at two television stations injure 11 people

Authorities say the bombings are the worst since the Red Shirts started their protest rallies two weeks ago.
26 March 2010 |

Online journalist countersues in response to charges linked to lèse majesté cases

Frank G. Anderson filed a complaint against two men who accused him of defaming them in online articles.
9 February 2010 |

Thai police, soldiers raid Karen media office

About 20 policemen and soldiers searched the Karen Information Centre ostensibly for illegal drugs and weapons.
14 January 2010 |

Army bans journalists from covering Hmong deportation

The military blocked both Thai and foreign news crews from entering a Hmong refugee camp, preventing them from reporting on the army's relocation operation.
9 December 2009 |

King asked to pardon Internet users prosecuted on lese majeste and national security charges

"By agreeing to this request, the king would show the entire world that he respects freedom of expression," said RSF.
23 November 2009 |

Online censorship and new arrests of Internet users

Thassaporn Rattawongsa is the fourth Internet user to be arrested for attributing the stock market's fall to the king's health.
6 November 2009 |

Government directions on "rumor-mongering" growing out of proportion, says SEAPA

The information minister threatened to pursue legal action against websites that host discussions on the King's health.
5 November 2009 |

Thai speech advocates question use of Computer Crimes Act vs. two accused of stock manipulation

Free speech and Internet advocates are questioning why police invoked the Computer Crimes Act against two people accused of spreading rumours about the king's health.
14 September 2009 |

Media mogul sentenced to two years' imprisonment for libel

Media magnate Sondhi Limthongkul was sentenced to a total of two years plus six months in prison for two separate libel cases.
28 August 2009 |

Activist gets 18-year prison term for lese majeste

Daranee Chancheonsilapakul was convicted based on a series of "inflammatory speeches" she had delivered at a Red Shirt rally.
13 August 2009 |

Disregarding NGO warnings, government reinforces campaign against lese majeste

RSF is alarmed by the creation of a police taskforce to identify websites posting content that violates the lese majeste law.
10 July 2009 |

Issue of "The Economist" censored due to article on lese majeste

The latest issue of "The Economist" has not been made available in Thailand as it contained an article discussing lese majeste.
7 July 2009 |

Lese majeste complaint filed against Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand

SEAPA stresses that complaint filed against Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand underscores threat that lese majeste provisions pose to free expression.
19 May 2009 |

Government wants prior restraint on community radio programmes and satellite, cable television stations

The Thai government announced on 14 May 2009 its plan to regulate the programme content of radio stations and cable and satellite TV stations in the country, media reports said.

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