The accumulation of years of anger – protests, discrimination, inequality and the unheard voices of Latin America

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Nicaragua: International NGOs condemn the imprisonment and charges against journalist Víctor Ticay

The government of Daniel Ortega continues escalating its criminalisation of journalists in Nicaragua, in an attempt to achieve a news blackout. The arrest, imprisonment and charges against journalist Víctor Ticay in May 2023, are yet another sign of the social, cultural, and political crisis taking place in the country due to the systematic violation of human rights.

Veteran Mexican journalist killed in hail of bullets while leaving his Puebla home

RSF calls on the Puebla state prosecutor’s office to conduct a swift and transparent investigation to determine whether it was linked to his activity as a municipal official or to his journalism.

Chilean journalist Victor Herrero fined in criminal defamation case

The court convicted Herrero on charges of defaming a police colonel in a story about him being removed from his position as police intelligence chief of the southern Macrozona Sur region, allegedly due to involvement in illegal logging.