The Americas in April: An historic mission to Geneva, and two nations on the brink of collapse
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Daniel Hale, a former government intelligence analyst, was charged in a federal court under the Espionage Act with five crimes related to the disclosure of classified information.

Cuban policemen walking in the Old Plaza, in Havana, 15 March 2017, Roberto Machado Noa/LightRocket via Getty Images

“The ongoing pattern of detentions of independent journalists like Roberto Jesús Quiñones shows that recent political reforms have not improved the situation for the press,” said CPJ.

Dag Gustafsson (l), father of the imprisoned Swedish programmer Ola Bini, and his lawyer Carlos Soria give a joint press conference, in Quito, Ecuador, 16 April 2019, Dani Tapia/picture alliance via Getty Images

Ecuador should drop all charges against Ola Bini, and allow him to return home to his family and friends. Ecuador’s leaders undermine their country’s reputation abroad and the independence of its judicial system by this fanciful and unfounded prosecution.