The smartphone versus the baton

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Anti-SLAPP campaigners stand in solidarity with exiled Russian authors

An appeal against an injunction granted against the book “The Compatriots: The Brutal and Chaotic History of Russia’s Exiles, Émigrés and Agents Abroad” will be heard in Germany on 8 December.

Russian Supreme Court bans ‘LGBT movement’ as ‘extremist’

“The assault on LGBTQI+ rights has become a symbol of Russia’s rejection of universal human rights, as the government positions Russia as the defender of so-called traditional values in opposition to ‘the collective West'” – HRW

A disturbing pardon and pro-Palestinian expression under pressure

November 2023 in Europe and Central Asia: A free expression round up produced by IFEX’s Regional Editor Cathal Sheerin, based on IFEX member reports and news from the region.