Threats against anti-corruption blogs in Vietnam

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Vietnamese video blogger Do Cong Duong dies in prison

Detained since 2018 for his reporting on land disputes and corruption, citizen journalist Do Cong Duong died on 2 August. Reporters Without Borders (RSF) sounds the alarm about the situation of the 40 other journalists and bloggers currently detained in Vietnam.

Two Vietnamese state media journalists convicted for exposing corruption

Vietnamese courts have convicted two state media journalists for exposing corruption, sentencing Nguyen Hoai Nam to a long jail term and Phan Bui Bao Thy to a year of “reeducation.”

Vietnamese journalist Le Van Dung sentenced to 5 years in prison

Le Van Dung, a member of the Independent Journalists Association of Vietnam, was convicted after a two-hour trial and sentenced to five years in prison and five subsequent years of probation for posting videos on social media that allegedly defamed the Communist Party of Vietnam.