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25 July 2012 |

"La Nouvelle" newspaper banned

The regulatory body questioned the legitimacy of the privately-owned newspaper and accused its managing editor of flouting provisions of the Press and Communication code.
2 May 2012 |

Journalist assaulted by security forces

Noel Kokou Tadégnon was attacked by security forces while filming a crackdown on demonstrators during the country's independence day celebration.
9 March 2012 |

Police assault photojournalist

In a telephone interview with CPJ, Minister of Security Colonel Dokissime Gnama Latta downplayed the assault as a "Little scratch."
10 February 2012 |

"Tribune d'Afrique" journalist interrogated for six hours, fears for his safety

"Tribune d'Afrique" decided to suspend publication in Togo for one week in protest against police harassment of its staff.
7 November 2011 |

RSF condemns exorbitant damages award against weekly

"L'Indépendant Express" was ordered to pay 300,000 euros in damages to the plaintiff.
29 August 2011 |

Banned magazine back on sale amid tension over media freedom

"Tribune d'Afrique" will be back on newsstands on 29 August for the first time since a Lomé court banned its distribution and sale one year ago in a libel case brought by Mey Gnassingbé, the president's half-brother.
15 August 2011 |

Police clamp down on demonstrators

Media professionals, civil society groups and members of opposition political parties were attacked with tear gas by security forces as they rallied to demand an investigation into recent attacks on journalists.
18 March 2011 |

Regulatory authority closes down another radio station

The community radio station Radio Carré Jeunes has been accused of "non-adherence to professional standards".
11 February 2011 |

News magazine's appeal hearing adjourned, ban remains in place

"Gnassingbé's lawyers are stalling in order to win more time and meanwhile the magazine continues to be banned in Togo," said RSF.
18 January 2011 |

Authorities shut down three radio stations

Local media groups view the move as an attempt to muzzle the stations, which were deemed critical of the administration of President Gnassingbé.
1 October 2010 |

President withdraws defamation charges against three newspapers

President Gnassingbé has withdrawn five legal suits he had filed against three Lomé-based newspapers for alleged defamation and insult.
9 September 2010 |

President Gnassingbé files lawsuit against yet another newspaper

An article published in "La Lanterne" newspaper was deemed to contain false claims that were insulting to Gnassingbé's reputation.
3 September 2010 |

President files more defamation suits against two newspapers

Two of the lawsuits were brought against the weekly "L'Indépendant Express".
26 August 2010 |

Newspaper banned indefinitely, fined for defaming president's brother; reporter assaulted in court

"Tribune d'Afrique", a privately-owned newspaper, is accused of defaming Mey Gnassingbé, Togolese President Faure Essozimna Gnassingbé's brother.
26 August 2010 |

Several journalists threatened for expressing their opinion

The Union of Independent Journalists of Togo demanded protection for its members to enable them to carry out their duties without fear or intimidation.
24 August 2010 |

President Gnassingbé launches defamation lawsuit against newspaper

"L'Indépendant Express" published articles accusing the president of fighting with a Togolese soccer star over a beauty queen.
4 June 2010 |

Three newspaper editors face criminal defamation charges

The Inspector General of Police filed a complaint against the three papers after they each carried an article blaming police officers for the death of a motorcycle driver.
12 March 2010 |

French media outlets finally granted visas to cover presidential election

Special correspondents were granted visas on election day, allowing for only partial coverage.
8 March 2010 |

French media denied accreditation to cover presidential election

RSF voiced its support for reporters from Radio France, RFI, RTL and "La Croix" who were refused visas in the run up to elections.
21 December 2009 |

Newspaper "Golfe Info" suspended, fined

The newspaper was suspended for two months and ordered to pay damages to the National Intelligence Agency as a result of a recent front-page article.

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