Togolese journalists granted conditional freedom

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Togolese journalist Ferdinand Ayité target of government ire

After years of intimidation and persecution, which include administrative sanctions, judicial proceedings and surveillance, Togolese journalist Ferdinand Ayité is imprisoned.

‘There is no private life’: Three Togolese journalists react to being selected for spyware surveillance

Three Togolese journalists – Carlos Ketohou, Ferdinand Ayité, and Luc Abaki on the #PegasusProject list of potential targets – share their psychological experiences of what it means to be under surveillance.

Journalist Ferdinand Ayite speaks to the press, as security forces try to prevent journalists and members of the public from protesting in front of the Palais des Congrès, in Lomé, Togo, 19 February 2013, Daniel Hayduk/AFP via Getty Images

Togolese journalist Ferdinand Ayité – a potential or actual target of Pegasus spyware

Togolese journalist Ferdinand Ayité is among 17 journalists from 7 countries who have filed a complaint with French prosecutors against the NSO Group for being a potential target of surveillance by their Pegasus spyware.