Togo’s polling day marred by the shutting down of the internet
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A protester holds a sign reading 'yesterday you once again assassinated one of ours, #mango', referring to a 9-year-old killed in Mango, northern Togo, 21 September 2017, PIUS UTOMI EKPEI/AFP/Getty Images

In a continuing show of force against opposition demonstrators and citizens, authorities in Togo have announced a ban on political rallies in three cities in the north of the country – Sokodé, Bafilo and Mango.

A still image taken from a video shows policemen patrolling a street during a protest in Lomé, Togo, 18 October 2017, REUTERS/via Reuters TV

An 11 year-old boy was killed by security forces in Lomé on 18 October 2017. Three more people were also killed in Sokode, some 300 km north of Lomé, as security forces cracked down on opposition protests.

A man holds up a sign, which reads:

Social media platforms were made completely inaccessible in Togo as opposition groups embarked on demonstrations demanding political reform.