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28 June 2012 |

Amid violence and fundamentalist pressure, hopes fade for new media laws

The reform movement that began after the revolution has ground to a halt.
29 May 2012 |

Premises of privately-owned TV station ransacked

El Hiwar Ettounsi has been repeatedly threatened in recent months on Facebook, on which reference was made to an attack a few days before it took place.
14 May 2012 |

Judicial confusion puts press freedom in peril

Some articles of the criminal code are being used unlawfully to convict journalists and bloggers, yet these are obsolete under the new press code, law 115, says RSF.
3 May 2012 |

Tunisia blogger arrested in Cairo airport

Cairo – May 3rd, 2012
26 April 2012 |

Clashes erupt outside national TV station after talk of privatizing state media

Tension had been fuelled by recent talk of “privatization of the public media” by Ennahda Movement leader Rached Ghannouchi and Ennahda political bureau member Ameur Laarayedh.
11 April 2012 |

Police attack journalists covering protest

The crackdown on protesters and journalists marked the worst violence seen in the country since the fall of Ben Ali's regime in January 2011.
9 April 2012 |

Seven-year prison terms handed down for mockery of Islam

Human Rights Watch calls for the revision of laws that set prison terms for “offending public morals”.
27 March 2012 |

Al Jazeera journalist expelled from meeting, attacked

While covering a meeting that brought together a number of political parties, Lotfi Hajji was expelled for his political views and assaulted outside of the meeting hall.
1 March 2012 |

Journalists attacked by police while filming union protest

RSF is aware of at least seven attacks on journalists during the demonstration, with one assault resulting in a broken arm for one of the journalists.
23 February 2012 |

Newspaper director released pending trial

After having been kept in pretrial detention for a week, Nasreddine Ben Saïda was released pending his trial on 8 March 2012.
17 February 2012 |

New authorities use old methods to detain newspaper publisher

Nasreddine Ben Saida remains in pre-trial custody on charges carrying a possible sentence of six months to five years in prison, despite the implementation of a new press law which protects journalists from such charges.
7 February 2012 |

Court urged to drop prison sentence given to journalist

An appeals court should throw out the prison sentence against journalist Abdel Aziz al-Jaridi at a 10 February hearing and authorities should use his case as an opportunity to break from the repressive practices of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali's era, CPJ said.
6 February 2012 |

Rapper arrested, detained, for lyrics critical of outcome of revolution

Anis Al-Marabty was arrested at his home by plainclothes officers who, after asking him if he was the author of the song "Shy Matbadel" [Nothing has changed], confiscated his computer and took him to an unknown location.
26 January 2012 |

Director charged for broadcasting "Persepolis"; journalists assaulted

For broadcasting the film, Nabil Karoui faces up to three years in prison for libeling a religion, and up to five years for distributing or displaying information "that can harm public order or good morals."
11 January 2012 |

Media independence crucial to democratic transition, says ARTICLE 19

The announcement made by Interim Prime Minister Hamadi Jebali to appoint editors-in-chief and managing directors of media goes against international obligations of the Tunisian Government to provide for media independence.
13 December 2011 |

Fundamentalists disrupting college campuses

Demonstrators who are demanding imposition of their own interpretation of Islam in the curriculum and in campus life have interrupted classes, prevented students from taking exams, confined deans in their offices, and intimidated women professors.
12 October 2011 |

Authorities shut down TV station, extremists try to burn down another

A judge called for Tunisia TV's closure after it aired an interview with a Tunisian Communist Labor Party leader, in violation of election regulations.
17 August 2011 |

ANHRI condemns use of violence against peaceful protesters

Police assaulted protesters and used tear gas to suppress a demonstration in front of the Ministry of the Interior.
16 August 2011 |

Court upholds order requiring filtering of porn sites

RSF reiterates its opposition to filtering, which has proved to be ineffective in other countries in the past and ends up blocking websites that are not targeted as well as those that are.
21 July 2011 |

Police attack journalists during Tunis demonstrations

RSF regards Prime Minister Essebsi's comments about journalists, portraying them as troublemakers and blaming them for the current unrest, as dangerous for the state of free expression in the country.

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