Turkey: Draft Internet bill would allow mass surveillance, site blocking without court order

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Turkey: Dozens of Kurdish concerts and plays banned during last three years

May 2022 alone has seen local administrations cancel concerts by Kurdish singer Aynur Doğan and musicians Metin and Kemal Kahraman, and the banning of ‘Don Kîxot’, a Kurdish adaptation of Cervantes’s ‘Don Quijote’.

Gezi trial: Osman Kavala handed life in prison, seven co-defendants get 18 years each

“The judicial process has become deformed under political influence and turned into an act of deprivation of liberty by abuse of power” – Osman Kavala

Turkey: Journalist Güngör Arslan dies after shooting

Owner and managing editor of local newspaper ‘Kocaeli Ses’, Güngör Arslan was targeted in an armed attack at his office. A suspect has been arrested.