Turkey: One to five years in prison for spreading ‘fake news’ on social media?

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Turkey: Prosecutor seeks up to three years in prison for pop singer Gülşen

Singer Gülşen was arrested on 25 August in relation to a joke she made in April about religious schools. She was released to house arrest on 29 August.

Turkey: International groups call for restoration of “Evrensel”‘s right to ad revenues

In light of the upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections in 2023, international rights organisations express concern about the state of the remaining independent media outlets and how this latest move will contribute to an already-shrinking civic space in the country.

Turkey: YouTube journalist and cameraman attacked in street by men carrying guns

Ebru Uzun Oruç and Barış Oruç were attacked in Istanbul while conducting street interviews. They had previously received threats from ultra-nationalist groups in response to their reporting on Nationalist Movement Party leader Devlet Bahçeli.