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8 August 2012 |

Kurdish journalist released following judicial reform in Turkey

A court in the southeastern Turkish province of Diyarbakir ruled to release Ozan Kilinc, the former editor-in-chief of the Kurdish daily Azadiya Welat.
31 July 2012 |

Courts start to free journalists under reform package

Under Law 6325, adopted on 5 July, prosecution of journalists accused of propaganda on behalf of terrorist organizations may be suspended or abandoned.
26 July 2012 |

"Azadiye Welat" editor released from jail

In 2009, Vedat Kursun was sentenced to 166 years in prison for publishing several Kurdish newspapers; the sentence was later reduced to 10 years.
20 July 2012 |

Court orders Yuruyus journalists' release

The five journalists have spent 18 months behind bars on terrorism-related charges.
27 June 2012 |

Singer sentenced to two years in prison

Ferhat Tunc was convicted of terrorism charges because he mentioned the names of deceased Turkish leftists in a speech.
26 June 2012 |

Deaf and mute protester sentenced to eight years' imprisonment

Mehmet Tahir Ilhan was sentened to eight years and four months in prison for spreading propaganda on behalf of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, following his participation in a demonstration in the southern province of Mersin.
20 June 2012 |

Journalist in Oda TV trial released from prison

Muyessar Yildiz, who was arrested in March 2011 along with Nedim Sener and Ahmet Sik, has spent 16 months in jail.
29 May 2012 |

Court bans pro-Kurdish weekly

The ban was issued after Demokratik Vatan was charged with "spreading propaganda for a terrorist organisation" under Turkey's anti-terror law. A judicial reform package currently before Parliament could see an end to such bans.
10 April 2012 |

Publisher Ragip Zarakolu released pending trial

Zarakolu still faces trial on charges that carry a heavy prison sentence, along with scores of other writers and intellectuals who remain imprisoned.
2 April 2012 |

Politician sentenced to 15 years in prison for campaign speeches

Member of Parliament Serafettin Halis says that every time he made a speech to his constituents, the authorities began another investigation against him.
27 March 2012 |

Human Rights Foundation threatened, its website hacked

The attack is reportedly related to a press release in which the association condemned an attack on Kurdish politician Ahmet Turk during Newroz celebrations in Batman.
27 March 2012 |

Academic, publisher formally indicted

Professor Büşra Ersanlı is facing up to 22.5 years in jail, while Ragıp Zarakolu could see as many as 15 years behind bars on charges of "aiding and abetting an illegal organisation".
26 March 2012 |

One-month suspension for daily newspaper

In addition to the month-long ban on Ozgur Gundem, the Gun Printing Company was raided by the police and two issues of the newspaper were confiscated.
23 March 2012 |

Journalist recently released from prison is under investigation again

Ahmet Sik is facing an investigation after he criticised the judges and police officers who handled his case.
23 March 2012 |

Newspaper's Rotterdam offices attacked

This is the second time that "Zaman" newspaper's offices have been targeted, and editorial staff suspects it was more than ordinary vandalism.
20 March 2012 |

Two investigative journalists threatened on Twitter

Ahmet Sik told RSF he is taking the threat seriously and believes it to be the work of “the circles responsible for the conspiracy” that led to his being detained for a year on a terrorism charge.
13 March 2012 |

Nedim Şener and three others released from prison

Nedim Şener and three others released from prison Four journalists, Nedim Sener and Ahmet Sik, and OdaTV writers Çoskun Musluk and Sail Çakir were last night released pending trial in the high-profile OdaTV case; six journalists are still in prison relating to the case.
27 February 2012 |

Journalist, in poor health, is released pending trial

Oda TV defendant Dogan Yurdakul, who shared a cell with Nedim Sener and Ahmet Sik in the Silivri Prison, is suffering from heart disease and kidney failure.
17 February 2012 |

Turkish newspaper's Europe offices attacked

"Zaman" is blaming Kurdish militants for violence in Paris and Cologne, including an arson attack on its offices in the latter city. The newspaper also accused PKK supporters of carrying out prior attacks on its offices in London, Vienna and Zurich.
13 February 2012 |

Musician detained; band members pledge to hold solidarity concerts

Seckin Aydogan, of the band Grup Yorum, was arrested after he attended a protest calling for the release of the "Yuruyus" magazine employees.

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