Turkish women’s rights advocate Eren Keskin on her life’s work and the problem of impunity

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Turkey: 16 media workers jailed under pre-trial arrest

A court in Diyarbakır ordered the arrests of the 16 on 15 June. The specifics of the charges are unclear due to a gag order on the investigation, but all those detained were questioned about their journalistic activities.

Open Letter: On the State of Freedom of Expression and Civic Space in Turkey

The case against journalist Erol Önderoğlu and his co-defendants – postponed yet again this week, until October 2022 – is indicative of the much larger issue of how civic space is being actively and systematically constrained in Turkey.

International groups call on Turkey’s parliament to reject the “disinformation” bill as a tool of digital censorship

Placed in the hands of Turkey’s highly politicized judiciary, the law would become another tool for harassing journalists and activists and may cause blanket self-censorship across the internet.