Two newspapers suspended in Gabon over defamation claims

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Gabon’s media regulator strikes again with closure of news website

Gabon’s media regulating body, the High Authority for Communication (HAC), has shut down a popular news website “Gabon Media Time” for a month.

Gabon’s media regulator urged to go back to its original mandate

Following the arbitrary suspension of yet another media outlet by Gabon’s High Authority for Communication (HAC), RSF is calling for an overhaul of functions of the media regulator so that it stops protecting government’s interests and goes back instead to fulfilling its original role of defending press freedom.

Gabonese gendarmes patrol on the Democracy square in Libreville on 7 January 2019 after a group of soldiers sought to take power in Gabon while the country's ailing president was abroad, STEVE JORDAN/AFP/Getty Images

Internet and broadcasting services disrupted during coup in Gabon

RSF is asking Gabonese authorities to allow for the free flow of news and information and to give journalists the freedom to work amid the turmoil following a coup attempt earlier this week.