Two Peruvian journalists’ bodies found days apart

This article is more than 6 years old

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Peru’s Manuel Calloquispe faces threats and assaults to expose environmental damage from illegal Amazon mining

Despite the danger, Calloquispe, a freelancer for ‘El Comercio’, ‘Latina Televisión’, and environmental news site ‘Inforegión’, presses ahead with his investigations and scoops.

RSF decries police violence against reporters covering protests in Peru

In addition to being subjected to physical violence and arbitrary arrest, some journalists told RSF that the police said they had to be unionised.

An accumulation of lies: Right-wing group La Resistencia stokes anti-press fervor in Peru

In Peru, the right-wing group La Resistencia is fueling anti-press sentiment by spreading a web of lies and disinformation, endangering journalists and undermining press freedom.