U.K. gallery in censorship dispute over exhibit satirising Muslim Brotherhood

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Rights groups call on US Attorney General to drop case against Julian Assange

The joint letter urges the U.S. to drop its appeal in the extradition case of the Wikileaks publisher. A recent investigative report alleged that the CIA had plotted to kidnap and possibly kill Assange.

UK: Rights groups condemn SLAPPs brought against journalist Tom Burgis by Kazakh mining company ENRC

“We urge the UK government to consider measures, including legal measures, that would protect journalists and other public watchdogs from abusive legal actions that are aimed at silencing them. Our democracy relies on their ability to hold power to account.”

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Fourteen organisations have called on INTERPOL to clarify its involvement in the arrest warrant issued against British journalist Clare Rewcastle Brown, amid fears she may be arrested in Spain following threats by the Malaysian government.