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10 July 2012 |

Journalist held on treason charges granted bail

Augustine Okello, a radio presenter at Rhino FM who has been in prison since July 2011, was granted bail due to his deteriorating health.
10 July 2012 |

Ugandan press finds unexpected ally in judiciary

Journalists are cautiously optimistic after a series of small courtroom victories over the police, previously viewed as the archenemy.
21 June 2012 |

Government targets NGOs in escalation of assault on LGBT rights

The government plans to revoke the registrations of 38 NGOs it accuses of promoting homosexuality, effectively banning them from operating in the country.
12 June 2012 |

Amid assaults on press, police promise reforms

The inspector general of police is forming a new press unit to act as an ombudsman for complaints by journalists.
1 June 2012 |

Groups welcome journalist's release, call for compensation

His crime was being a journalist whose primary concern was to give people a voice, said HRNJ-Uganda.
22 May 2012 |

"Daily Monitor" journalist assaulted in prison, released on bail

Perez Rumanzi was assaulted by inmates of a crowded Ntugamo prison where he had been remanded.
15 May 2012 |

Video director gunned down in western Uganda

Thembo was shot dead by unidentified individuals who took his bag and video camera.
2 May 2012 |

Journalist arrested by First Lady's security guards, risks sedition charges

When Perez Rumanzi demanded to know what crime he had committed, police told him he was "in the wrong place at the wrong time."
22 April 2012 |

Television journalist survives mob attack

Bukedde Television reporter Rebecca Nakame was attacked on the orders of a special police constable.
12 April 2012 |

Journalist assaulted by police commander, another roughed up by group of officers

"Attacks on journalists are on the rise; some have since abandoned taking up assignments which involve reporting news stories about opposition politicians," warned HRNJ-Uganda.
12 April 2012 |

Two sports reporters injured by police during football match

"Police failed to act professionally; they acted like farmers with guns. I can't find any kind words for them today,” Nsubuga told HRNJ-Uganda after being discharged from hospital.
5 April 2012 |

"Walk to Work" group declared illegal

The action against Activists for Change (A4C) was taken ahead of a planned demonstration on 5 April.
2 April 2012 |

Journalist struck by police vehicle, suffers serious injuries

"The environment for front line journalists is getting more dangerous by the day at the hands of police," said HRNJ-Uganda.
28 March 2012 |

More journalists assaulted by police while on assignment

I can't report to police, after all they are the ones attacking us,” one journalist told HRNJ-Uganda.
27 March 2012 |

CBS journalist charged with criminal defamation

The former Kalangala district chairperson accused Ssembuusi of defamation after he reported a story about his alleged involvement in the disappearance of solar panels.
23 March 2012 |

Police rough up human rights advocate, beat journalists covering opposition leader's arrest

Freelance photographer Edward Echwalu and "Eddoboozi" newspaper photographer Anatoli Luswa were victims of police brutality.
21 March 2012 |

Legislators rescind decision preventing media from using electronic devices in Parliament

The bi-partisan reversal came as a result of pressure and intense lobbying on the part of the Uganda Parliamentary Press Association.
20 March 2012 |

Legislators prevent media from accessing Parliament with video and still cameras, electronic recorders

Journalists asked the Rules and Privileges Committee to allow the media to carry their electronic gadgets along with them into the House to capture MPs’ debates, in order to avoid misquotations and possible defamation - a request that was denied.
16 March 2012 |

WBS TV journalist threatened with death while on assignment

"We take the threats seriously and condemn this act in the strongest terms; we implore police to take the matter seriously and take action to restrain Ddamulira," said HRNJ-Uganda.
15 March 2012 |

Government report exonerates police in shooting of "Daily Monitor" photojournalist

Kasamani says he narrowly escaped death when a policeman allegedly shot at him on 24 January as he took a photo of a tear gas canister thrown as police dispersed demonstrators.

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