Ukraine: Investigation indicates Russian troops executed journalist Maks Levin

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Exiled Russian journalists charged with disseminating ‘fake news’ about war in Ukraine

A Russian court ordered the ‘arrest in absentia’ of journalists Ruslan Leviev and Michael Nacke over comments they made in a YouTube discussion that contradicted Russia’s official narrative about the war.

What Russia’s goal of an isolated internet means for press freedom

“Journalists in Russia are going to have a far harder time to do reporting and get that reporting out to other citizens… on the external side, it’s harder for journalists globally to get information into Russia on things that are going on, not just in Russia, but around the world”.

Crimean journalist detained by Russian forces charged with handling explosives

Crimea-based journalist Iryna Danilovich went missing on 29 April and was later found to be detained by Russian occupying forces. She faces a possible eight years in prison if convicted of “illegal handling” of explosives.