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27 July 2012 |

Court overturns conviction for Twitter joke

Paul Chambers' conviction was quashed following a Divisional Court ruling that a Tweet in which Chambers jokingly threatened to blow up an airport was not objectively "menacing".
28 June 2012 |

Criminalising Twitter airport joke violates free expression, says ARTICLE 19

The rights group says that free expression protects jokes, even bad ones, and that Paul Chambers' Twitter joke about blowing up the Liverpool airport shouldn't result in a criminal conviction.
31 May 2012 |

First academy on media law in South East Europe to kick off in Zagreb

First academy on media law in South East Europe to kick off in Zagreb
23 May 2012 |

Universal Periodic Review: Challenge UK to end arbitrary use of defamation laws and other restrictive legislation

Universal Periodic Review: Challenge UK to end arbitrary use of defamation
11 May 2012 |

UK: Government promises defamation reform but backslides on expression and surveillance

UK: Government promises defamation reform but backslides on expression and
4 April 2012 |

Every step you take, every move you make: The British government's new plans for mass surveillance

The Coalition Agreement that formed the current government clearly stated that IMP-style mass surveillance of the British public was unacceptable, but now the old policy seems to have risen from the grave as the innocuously-named Communications Capabilities Development Programme.
21 September 2011 |

IFJ joins protest against threat to confidentiality of sources from police

The Metropolitan Police are considering invoking the Official Secrets Acts to force journalists to reveal their sources.
6 September 2011 |

Blanket ban on marches in six London boroughs violates freedom of speech, says ARTICLE 19

The 30-day ban applies to any organisation planning to march in the boroughs of Tower Hamlets, Newham, Waltham Forest, Islington and the City.
15 August 2011 |

BlackBerry cooperation with police sparks concern over targeting of social networks

The provision of personal data to the police sets a disturbing precedent in a western country and could have significant consequences in terms of setting an example for other governments, says RSF.
11 July 2011 |

IFJ welcomes inquiries into media ethics after closure of scandal-ridden tabloid

Trust in journalism cannot survive unless illegal practices involving corruption and violation of people's privacy are stamped out for good, says IFJ.
24 May 2011 |

Panel review calls for limits on "super-injunctions"

The review, chaired by the most senior civil law judge in the UK, provides new procedures on how to balance open justice and the right to privacy.
4 May 2011 |

BBC and APTN block satire of royal wedding

"This interference with Australian broadcasting sends the wrong message to many countries where the right to caricature is constantly denied," RSF said.
11 January 2011 |

Government aims to "give people's freedom back" in 2011

ARTICLE 19 welcomes the coalition government's programme to restore civil liberties, including free expression and the right to information.
7 January 2011 |

Broadcaster banned from police press conference after criticising murder inquiry

Britain's ITV News criticised the police's handling of an investigation into the murder of a landscape architect whose body was found on the outskirts of Bristol in December 2010.
18 November 2010 |

Order to shut down police monitoring website illegal, says ARTICLE 19

The hosting company for the Fitwatch website was contacted by a police inspector who demanded that the site be taken down.
20 September 2010 |

Another journalist denied visa by western government

Claudia Julieta Duque has been hounded by her country's intelligence services for years.
17 August 2010 |

Freedom House applauds US law combatting "libel tourism"

At the same time, Freedom House urged England and other countries with weak libel protections to reform their laws and prevent "libel tourism" lawsuits.
25 May 2010 |

Coalition government promises major reforms for freedom of expression and information

The new government has published its "Programme for Government" plan, which includes commitments to a number of reforms that will impact on freedom of expression and freedom of information.
28 January 2010 |

Supreme Court reaffirms open justice principle and orders identification of terror suspects

Decision "sets an important precedent for open justice," says ARTICLE 19.

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