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30 July 2012 |

A year after journalist's death, U.S. urged to reassess tactics

One year after Ahmad Omaid Khpalwak's death, the odds that a journalist could be killed by U.S. forces' fire seem, unfortunately, to be as high as ever, notes CPJ.
22 June 2012 |

CPJ Internet Blog: What to do if Google warns of state-sponsored attack

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22 June 2012 |

US urged not to punish Chinese restrictions with more restrictions

CPJ expressed concern over a US bill which seeks to reduce the number of visas available to journalists (and their families) working in the United States for 13 Chinese state-controlled publications.
7 May 2012 |

Egypt: New Law Keeps Military Trials of Civilians

For Immediate Release
7 May 2012 |

Yemen: Detained, Tortured, and Disappeared

For Immediate Release
20 April 2012 |

Colorado repeals criminal libel law

“Originally intended to protect the monarchy or aristocracy from criticism or insults, criminal defamation laws today serve all too often to obstruct scrutiny of the actions of those holding power and to deprive the people of the information they need to make decisions that will affect their lives for years to come,” said IPI.
10 April 2012 |

In Boston, journalist battles to keep sources confidential

Ed Moloney, an award-winning Irish journalist who has covered the conflict in Northern Ireland since 1979, and researcher Anthony McIntyre are fighting to keep their confidential sources secret.
9 April 2012 |

Draconian cyber security bill could lead to Internet surveillance censorship

"A blanket monitoring system is never an appropriate solution, nor is blocking or censoring websites that disclose information that is classified but of public interest," said RSF.
8 March 2012 |

Deputies use photo of reporter for target practice

Deputies use photo of reporter for target practice Deputies at St. Bernard Parish targeted a black and white photo of Fox 8 News correspondent Lee Zurik’s face at a department shooting range. Zurick may have been targeted for reporting on electoral fraud in the department.
9 February 2012 |

Accreditation disputes at center of journalists' arrests in U.S.

Across the country, police repeatedly refused to acknowledge as a journalist anyone who did not have what they considered to be official accreditation, leaving freelancers and new media journalists particularly vulnerable, CPJ reported.
18 January 2012 |

SOPA poses threat to free expression, says CJFE

The measures contained in the Stop Online Piracy Act pose a more direct threat to freedom of expression online than they do toward piracy, and its impact extends far beyond the borders of the United States.
13 December 2011 |

Freedom House endorses Global Online Freedom Act

The bill, which would hinder the ability of U.S. companies to sell surveillance and censorship technologies to repressive governments, is crucial to the promotion of global internet freedom.
9 December 2011 |

After three decades on death row, Mumia Abu-Jamal won't be executed

The Supreme Court declined to consider the district attorney's bid to uphold Abu-Jamal's death sentence, effectively commuting the sentence to life imprisonment.
16 November 2011 |

Journalists detained, obstructed from covering Occupy Wall Street protests

"We are alarmed by New York law enforcement's treatment of journalists covering the eviction of Occupy Wall Street today," said Carlos Lauria, CPJ senior coordinator for the Americas.
15 November 2011 |

PEN American Center calls for press freedom at Occupy Wall Street sites

Police barred reporters from several news outlets from covering the clearing of Zuccotti Park in New York City, which has been occupied by protesters for over two months.
11 November 2011 |

Student journalists arrested in Atlanta

Alisen Redmond and Judith Kim were taken into custody while reporting on the Occupy protests and held for 14 hours.
8 November 2011 |

Journalists arrested while covering Occupy Wall Street protests in multiple cities

The latest incidents include the arrests of "Milwaukee Journal Sentinel" photographer Kristyna Wentz-Graff during a demonstration at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and freelance journalist Susie Cagle in Oakland.

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