Urgent release sought for 71-year-old Cameroonian journalist Amadou Vamoulké

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A man looks at the headlines at a newspaper stand in Yaoundé, Cameroon, 26 March 2013, Reinnier KAZE/AFP via Getty Images

Physically handicapped Cameroonian journalist denied freedom

Cameroonian journalist Emmanuel Mbombog Mbog Matip has been languishing in jail since August 2020 despite appeals to President Paul Biya.

Punitive judicial rulings are intentional ploy to silence investigative weekly

The Cameroonian government’s continued violation of legal rights continues with the increased sentences two journalists of the “Kalara” publication received on their appeal.

Heavy handed tactics to clamp down coverage of dissent aimed at censoring media

Ongoing political volatility raised a notch as Cameroonian authorities brutally assault and arbitrarily arrest and detain numerous journalists covering opposition protests.