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24 May 2012 |

Rights defender threatened, attacked

Gulshan Karaeva says the attacks are in retaliation for refusing to become a government informant.
12 April 2012 |

Activist freed but crackdown widening

In 2006, Alisher Karamatov was arrested, tortured in custody and forced to confess to politically-motivated charges, then sentenced to nine years in jail.
4 April 2012 |

Growing concern over targeting of independent journalists

A court in the Tashkent district of Hamza recently convicted independent journalist Viktor Krymzalov in connection with an unbylined article on the independent news website which the plaintiff “assumed” he wrote. No evidence was presented to support the assumption.
26 January 2012 |

Editor sentenced to additional five-year jail term while still in prison

CPJ is outraged by the politically-motivated new sentence handed to Muhammad Bekjanov, who has been in prison since 1999 on trumped-up charges.
30 November 2011 |

Journalist released after five years' detention in psychiatric hospital

There are concerns that Dzhamshid Karimov's health may have suffered due to the forced administration of psychotropic medicines during his detention.
11 October 2011 |

UN Human Rights Committee decision advances free expression

ARTICLE 19 welcomes the committee's conclusion that the procedure for registering the NGO Democracy and Rights violated freedom of expression and association rights.
22 September 2011 |

Human rights activist attacked over critical online publications

Gulbakhor Turayeva was taking a walk near her house with her children when she was approached by two women, accompanied by two men. One of the women asked her if her name was Gulbakhor; when the journalist said yes, the woman attacked her.
29 August 2011 |

Regime steps up online control and media crackdown

The government approved on 5 August the setting up of a "committee of experts on information and mass communication" to monitor the country's media.
5 July 2011 |

French court dismisses defamation suit filed by Uzbek president's daughter

Lola Karimova had sought moral damages against online news agency Rue89 for a May 2010 article that called her the daughter of "dictator Karimov," and alleged she was "whitewashing Uzbekistan's image" through charity events.
24 June 2011 |

Call for release of ailing rights defender

Norboi Kholjigitov is a longstanding member of the Human Rights Society of Uzbekistan, who defended farmers' rights in the Samarkand province, helping farmers fight expropriation of their farms.
31 May 2011 |

Activist fined, ordered to apologise to community organisation

Tatyana Dovlatova had assisted Russian journalists in the preparation of a news item on the life of Russian people in the former Soviet Republics, which had angered the Uzbek authorities.
26 May 2011 |

Embattled reporter prevented from leaving the country

Authorities barred Abdumalik Boboyev from traveling to Germany by denying him the exit visa required for travel outside Uzbekistan.
25 May 2011 |

Dissident freed but unjust conviction intact

Yusuf Jumaev was arrested in the weeks before the December 2007 presidential election after he called for President Karimov's resignation.
24 May 2011 |

Uzbek president's daughter sues French news website for libel

Lola Karimova was described in a Rue89 article as a "dictator's daughter" who uses charity events to "whitewash her country's image."
29 April 2011 |

Activists harassed after TV broadcast

Groups of women accosted the activists at their homes, screaming insults at them for speaking on the Russian news programme "Special Correspondent".
17 March 2011 |

Government shuts down local Human Rights Watch office

For years the government has obstructed the organisation's work by denying visas and work accreditation to staff, and has now moved to liquidate its office registration, forcing Human Rights Watch to end its presence in Tashkent after 15 years.
26 October 2010 |

Two journalists found guilty of slander in separate cases

Journalist Abdumalik Boboyev was found guilty on three counts but given the "mildest possible sentence".
18 October 2010 |

Journalist's conviction threatens freedom of speech, says Human Rights Watch

Vladimir Berezovskii was convicted on charges of criminal defamation and insult, while another journalist, Abdumalik Boboev, also faces defamation charges.
13 October 2010 |

Russian journalist faces jail on defamation and insult charges

Vladimir Berezovsky is facing up to six months in jail, up to three years of corrective labor, or a fine of up to US$12,000 if convicted on the charges.
15 June 2010 |

TV stations shut down in Kyrgyzstan; prominent journalist held in Uzbekistan

Local television stations in the southern Kyrgyzstani city of Osh were ordered to cease transmissions in the wake of interethnic violence in the region.

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