Vanuatu urged to look into journalist’s arrest over Facebook comment

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Vanuatu's newly elected Prime Minister Bob Loughman and the newly constituted Parliament, 19 April 2020, Facebook/USP Law

Vanuatu: Legislative changes raise media freedom concerns

The Pacific Freedom Forum has warned that legislative amendments passed by the Vanuatu Parliament could be used to attack journalists who publish critical reports on politicians and government policies.

Melanesia: New report highlights increasingly hostile media environment

A new report published by the “Pacific Journalism Review” highlights threats against media freedom in the Melanesia region, particularly in Vanuatu, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, and West Papua.

Vanuatu journalist says his work permit was revoked for criticising the government

Journalists, scholars, and media freedom advocates in the Pacific region have criticised the denial of “Vanuatu Daily Post” media director Dan McGarry’s work visa and described it as a “disturbing development that raises concerns over press freedom.”