Venezuelan journalist shot at in presumed retaliation for earlier report

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IAPA denounces the complicity of private companies in censoring media in Venezuela

IAPA denounces the collaboration of private telecommunications companies with the Venezuelan government to censor and block online media outlets and to intercept the telephone communications of journalists, opponents, and citizens critical of the regime.

International Cooperation Bill in Venezuela replicates trend to restrict the civic space in Latin America

Regional networks Al Sur; Alianza Regional por la Libre Expresión e Información; IFEX-ALC and Voces del Sur reject the International Cooperation Bill currently under discussion in the National Assembly in Venezuela as it poses a risk to the existence of social and civil organizations in the country by undermining the right to freedom of association.

How Venezuela’s government uses private internet providers to restrict access to the news

Since Venezuela began cracking down on independent media in 2007, most internet blockages have been conducted by CANTV, the state-run ISP that now provides two-thirds of residential connections.