Weekly’s journalists resign in protest over editorial interference

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Russia must be held accountable for war crimes and human rights abuses in Ukraine

“We urge the international community to support all Ukrainian efforts to investigate these crimes and ensure that the deliberate targeting of Ukrainian cultural heritage by the Russian regime is included in national accountability mechanisms as well as the international commission of inquiry for Ukraine.”

More than 900 attacks on media in Russia and Ukraine since Putin’s war began

“The vast majority of these attacks have been perpetrated by Russian forces or authorities, underscoring that Putin’s war against Ukraine is also a war against the press” – International Press Institute

A reporter stands near ruins of residential buildings destroyed as a result of shelling, in Izium, Ukraine, 14 September 2022. Viacheslav Mavrychev/Suspilne Ukraine/JSC "UA:PBC"/Global Images Ukraine via Getty Images

One year of attacks on media in Ukraine

Data collected by Reporters Without Borders and the Institute for Mass Information presents the true cost to journalism in Ukraine of Russia’s invasion.